Happy 2023 (in books!)

Happy New Year! In something that’s becoming a bit of a tradition, below is a wrap up of books I’ve edited coming out in 2023. As always, there’s room for a surprise or two along the way, but I’m editing books for 2024 and buying for late 2024 and beyond, so my list should be pretty settled.

I’m organizing this by pub dates, which are subject to change due to various factors (supply chain delays, printing times, carton shortages, fun secret news—which one doesn’t fit here?), but shouldn’t change much. So here’s what I worked on in 2022 for your enjoyment in 2023!

January 2023

THE REUNION by Kayla Olson, January 17

To address the obvious joke—Kayla Olson is not my penname! Although we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that coincidence. Kayla’s rom-com debut is as delightful and effervescent as a glass of champagne. The story follows costars from a teen TV show who reunite years later for a reunion special and find that the romantic connection they ignored years ago is just as strong. The book has won over many fans pre-pub and is a Book of the Month selection for January and an Indie Next pick for February.

THE TWYFORD CODE by Janice Hallett, January 24

You may remember Janice from a couple of posts about her debut novel THE APPEAL last year. This year, she’s back with THE TWYFORD CODE (released in 2022 in the UK). Told entirely in voice memo transcriptions, this novel about an ex-con who goes back to investigate a possible code in a forgotten children’s books and his teacher’s disappearance more than forty years ago, has one of my favorite twists—both shocking and moving. It has racked up three starred trade reviews and was a major bestseller in the UK.

February 2023

ICEBREAKER by Hannah Grace, February 7

New year, new TikTok sensation! In what’s becoming something of an annual tradition, I’m kicking off February with a new edition of a self-published novel that blew up on TikTok. This one is Hannah Grace’s ICEBREAKER, which is about a competitive ice skater and a hockey team captain who are forced to share a rink (an obviously chemistry) after a college facilities mishap. Important note: this one is definitely 18+. Lots more from Hannah to come!

March 2023

ALL THE QUEEN’S SPIES by Oliver Clements, March 14

The third installment of Oliver Clements’ exhilarating and adventurous Agents of the Crown series, about John Dee and Elizabeth I’s team of spies. This latest volume takes place primarily in England and Prague, where John Dee infiltrates the court of Rudolf II with help from his wife Jane, a Polish count, and Christopher Marlowe.

April 2023

TO SWOON AND TO SPAR by Martha Waters, April 11

This is a year of continuing series and many returning authors for me! Martha Waters’s books have delighted me since her debut TO HAVE AND TO HOAX, which kicked off her Regency Vows series. And the madcap antics of a group of hysterical friends in Regency England are back here, with a little more bite (and haunting) than usual. This novel follows Penvale (Diana’s brother) and his new wife Jane, who stages a fake haunting as his Cornwall manor in the hopes that she can scare him back to London. Also a gentle send-up of Gothic novels, this is one of my favorites in the series.

May 2023

HAVE YOU SEEN HER by Catherine McKenzie, May 23

I have many memories of trips to Yosemite, and so I was delighted—and a little unnerved—to be editing a thriller set there. The awe-inspiring scenery only enhances the danger experienced by Cassie, who has returned after a ten-year absence on the Search and Rescue team, and two other women whose paths collide with hers, with terrifying consequences. If you follow true crime, this is one for you.

JUNE 2023

THE LONG WAY BACK by Nicole Baart, June 13

A fellow author called Nicole “the queen of the family thriller,” which I’m only mentioning here because I think it’s apt. Nicole’s novels center family in a really interesting way, and this mother-daughter story about an Instagram-famous teen who disappears while boating with her mother one afternoon blazes its own path. It’s timely, arresting, and thought-provoking for anyone who puts their life online.

JULY 2023

THICKER THAN WATER by Megan Collins, July 11

Speaking of writers who chronicle family drama well! Megan Collins’s last book tells the story of sisters-in-law—and best friends—whose tight bond is tested when the man that connects them is accused of a horrific crime. Megan gets better with every book, and I can’t wait to see the audience who came to THE FAMILY PLOT return for this next novel.

I was going to add a few lines about my Fall books, but titles/covers are still in the works for the majority, and I don’t want to say anything when pub dates aren’t yet final. For now, I’ll tell you that there are three in Fall 2023, and I’ll plan to pop in here in Summer/early Fall to share about them and my holiday books.

Happy Reading!

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