Here are my books and here is my breakfast. Welcome to the table.

My life revolves around books. Reading books, editing books, alphabetizing books.

I’m a twenty-something living in New York, and my favorite weekend meal is breakfast. I like waking up (somewhat) early and getting coffee and pastries by myself. Sure, I’ll go to brunch if someone really wants to, but I don’t like eggs, so brunch is sort of a letdown for me.

I’m a former opera singer, lapsed ballerina, and slow Central Park jogger. In my spare time, I write (my journal, “bad winter poetry,” this blog). My interests are wide and varied: I can talk about literature, history, and genomics in the same breath. This blog is where I talk about publishing and writing, but also other aspects of my life—museums, shows, and friends. Because, paradoxically, this blog is supposed to be about “what comes next”— my life beyond books. (Also, because my parents are more interested in my weekend plans, not what I’m reading.)

Reading is a deeply personal experience, and as a result, you won’t see many straight reviews here. I make a point of noting books I work on directly. As always, these opinions are mine and mine alone.


Cronuts at Tiffany & Co., September 30, 2014. Photo by Ryan Singer.