Sunday, October 23

Good morning!


Here is my book: The Disappearing Spoon

Here is my breakfast: coffee and baguette tartine at Eric Kayser (pictured)

Let’s sit down at the table:

My friend Shelley was here to visit Wednesday-Friday. We watched the third and final debate in my living room, complete with #hottoddiesforhillary. On Thursday, the Eric Kayser on 74th, where I have had breakfast almost every weekend morning since I moved to New York three years ago, reopened after a fire five months ago. Although at first I didn’t enjoy the disruption to my routine, the closure did help me branch out with my neighborhood breakfast options.

I have a cold this weekend, so I’ve been staying in reading, writing and editing, and catching up on all the TV I’ve missed in the past week.

Happy Sunday!

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