Sunday, December 3

Good morning!

I’ve been remiss in taking photos of my breakfast, so instead here is the charcuterie plate I made for Thanksgiving. I consider the Thanksgiving charcuterie plate an integral part of the day (much like the Beaujolais nouveau).


Featuring prosciutto, Rosette de Lyon, sweet dry Italian sausage, Petit Billy goat cheese, Fromager D’Affinois with truffles, Istara cheese, Marcona Almonds, and assorted olives. Not pictured: pâté.

I am nothing if not serious about the charcuterie.

Over Thanksgiving, I had the great pleasure of The Madwoman Upstairs, which so many friends have recommended to me. I found it delightful. It was just the fun and bookish read I needed for my vacation.

My parents have been staying with me since shortly before Thanksgiving (we went to the Hamptons for a couple days) and just left yesterday.

Wednesday night, we saw Billy Joel perform at Madison Square Garden, which was amazing. The concert was one long sing-along in the best possible way. And I never say no to a sing-along.

Today I’m participating in Handel’s “Messiah” sing-along at Judson Memorial Church. I’m not religious, but remember what I said about sing-alongs? It’ll be the perfect kick-off to the holiday season. Well, that and my apartment decorations.

Happy Sunday!


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