Sunday, October 23

Good morning!


Here is my book: The Disappearing Spoon

Here is my breakfast: coffee and baguette tartine at Eric Kayser (pictured)

Let’s sit down at the table:

My friend Shelley was here to visit Wednesday-Friday. We watched the third and final debate in my living room, complete with #hottoddiesforhillary. On Thursday, the Eric Kayser on 74th, where I have had breakfast almost every weekend morning since I moved to New York three years ago, reopened after a fire five months ago. Although at first I didn’t enjoy the disruption to my routine, the closure did help me branch out with my neighborhood breakfast options.

I have a cold this weekend, so I’ve been staying in reading, writing and editing, and catching up on all the TV I’ve missed in the past week.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 16

Good morning!


Here is my book: The Disappearing Spoon and And Then There Were None

Here is my breakfast: cappuccino and croissant from Shakespeare & Co.

Come join me at the table.

Last week was mostly calm, which I appreciated after the last two weeks ran me ragged. I didn’t make plans; I didn’t attend any events; I went to work and came home.

On the recommendation of my coworker, I started¬†watching Younger, which is set in publishing. I’m really enjoying it so far, even if one character’s title as “junior editor” is driving me crazy.

A friend is coming to stay with me for a couple days this week, which means that today is dedicated to cleaning and tidying the apartment (switching out my closet included).

Happy Sunday!



Sunday, October 2

Good morning!


Here is my book: The Fever by Megan Abbott (really, this week!)

Here is my breakfast: coffee and a homemade maple bacon biscuit (recipe from the Huckleberry cookbook)

How can it possibly be October? It seems like just yesterday August turned to September. It was warm in New York for much of September, but in the past week or so it’s turned cool. It rained most of last week. I pulled out my fall (but not yet winter) coats. I’m typing this from my terrace, wearing a cashmere sweater, staring at the small pumpkin perched on my patio table; it is not quite 60 degrees.

I spent most of last week preparing for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s party Friday night, which seemed like a big success. Wednesday, I had a handyman come and hang art on my walls, which have remained bare for six months. The apartment looks totally different with art; it feels warmer and lived in and more mine.

On Thursday, I had drinks with my cousin Joe, who was visiting for a work trip, at Spyglass, a rooftop bar at the top of the Archer Hotel. They had great drinks and a fantastic view of the Empire State Building just four blocks south.

After relaxing yesterday, I’m back to work reading submissions and preparing for the week ahead today.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Sunday, September 25

Good morning!


Here are my books: On Beauty by Zadie Smith and The Fever by Megan Abbott (not pictured)

Here is my breakfast: Trader Joe’s steel cut oatmeal (the best) and Starbucks Pike Place roast

Come join me at the table:

This evening I’m headed to the Gilmore Girls Book Club at Word Bookstore in Greenpoint. We’re discussing On Beauty today. I bought it a month ago and should have made more progress, but I was lulled into a false sense of security believing I had all the time in the world to read it. Note to self: a month is not all the time in the world.

On Wednesday, I went to the Metropolitan Opera Young Associates kickoff party with my friend Ollie. It’s always a great time. We listened to one of the young artist program singers, had drinks and hors d’oeuvres on the terrace, and strolled around the Grand Tier.

I’ll spend this week prepping for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s party, which I’m holding for the first time in four years. More on that next weekend.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


Welcome to the Table: Sunday, September 18

Good morning!


Here are my books: When in French by Lauren Collins, A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston, You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein, and On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Here is my breakfast: croissant and cappuccino from Shakespeare & Co.

Come join me at the table:

This weekend I have an uncharacteristically long TBR (to be read) pile. I rarely read more than one book at a time. I like focus, and I am a fairly obsessive reader, meaning that once I get into a book, I tend not to put it down until I’ve finished. But this week I have dabbled. I have another recreational book on my iPad, along with a dozen submissions queued up to read. I’ll be lucky if I finish two (already half read) books.

Let’s start with the most exciting news of the week. After nine months of scaffolding and construction, my apartment terrace is finally finished. I could hardly wait to relocate my patio furniture and find my way outside every night after work. With the temperatures cooling in New York, the terrace will be perfect for fall.


The view directly across the way

My friends Bri and Kate were staying with me last weekend. Bri left Tuesday, and we celebrated her last night in town with dinner at my neighborhood favorite, Eats. We had burgers (their steak burger is the best in the city) and drinks. We came back to my apartment, and Bri helped me create this blog (Hi, Bri! Thank you!).

Last night (Friday), I strolled around the Feast of San Gennaro festival in Little Italy with my friend Yuliya. After snacking on cannoli, we left the crowds behind for dinner at an old favorite, Bar Primi. And by “dinner,” I do mean two sangrias, one burrata appetizer, and one tiramisu between us.

Today I plan to run some errands (groceries, outdoor plants, apartment cleaning), then watch Stanford football take on USC, either here at my apartment or downtown at Finnerty’s. Go Card!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!