Sunday, October 9

Good morning!


Here is my breakfast: a croissant and cappuccino from Shakespeare & Co. cafe

Here is my book: submissions. I’m forgoing a recreational book today in favor of work.

Come join me at the table.

This week was exhausting. So exhausting, in fact, my body crashed yesterday. Monday, I attended a book party in Soho. I was going to type, “it was one of those parties where you think, whoa, is this my life?” but that was pretty much my entire week. Tuesday, I had choir rehearsal, which was mainly devoted to rehearsing for the next night’s performance. On Wednesday, my choir performed at the Park Avenue Armory gala, where we sang backup for Patti LuPone, among others. She performed “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” from Anything Goes, a song that I love, and I was so excited to sing with her. I found her great to work with. If you’d told me even six weeks ago that I’d be singing backup for Patti LuPone, I would have laughed. Because who really expects crazy opportunities like that to fall in one’s lap? To round out my crazy week, I attended a fundraiser Thursday night, held at an apartment at the El Dorado with insane views overlooking Central Park and south.

It was an amazing week, but I’m really looking forward to this upcoming week in which I do absolutely nothing of note (which hopefully means I can clean my apartment).

Happy Sunday!

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